Life Steps is our intentional model for helping people follow Jesus and consists of  three fun and interesting sessions.

  • Offered monthly on Sunday afternoons
  • Lunch is included at no charge
  • Childcare is provided at no charge
  • Registration is free … it's our mission!

interactive learning sessions 

"Before, I had a distant relationship with God, now I have an intimate relationship with Him." - Robert (Life Step Participant)


learn to follow Jesus


We follow Jesus when we love God & People


We follow Jesus when we learn to be a disciple and we learn our spiritual gifts and passions


We follow Jesus when we serve, give, and go!


CLF Church exists to teach people to follow Jesus so they can experience real life

  • "Come, follow me," Jesus said. - Matthew 4:19
  • Jesus said... "Go and make disciples..." Matthew 28:19
  • "My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life" - Jesus in John 10:10