About Us


CLF Church exists to teach people to follow Jesus so they can experience real life.

  • "Come, follow me," Jesus said..."
    — Matthew 4:19 NIV

  • Jesus said, "...go and make disciples..."
    —Matthew 28:19 NIV

  • Jesus said, "...My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."
    - John 10:10 NLT

Our Vision

  • LOVE

    We follow Jesus when we love God and people.


    We follow Jesus when we learn to be a disciple and we learn our spiritual gifts and passions.

  • LIVE

    We follow Jesus when we serve, give, and go.

Values We Live By

  • Every person has a right to hear the Gospel of Christ in a way that he or she can understand it

  • Every person needs God's Word to guide and protect him or her throughout life

  • Every follower of Jesus has gifts to be used to fulfill God's plan for the church

  • Every follower of Jesus needs other followers to help him or her fulfill God's plan for the church

  • Every follower of Jesus is on a mission from God